KAN-Therm PEX Pipes

KAN-Therm PEX Pipes

KAN-therm Press is a modern and complete installation system consisting of multi-layer polyethylene pipes and PPSU or brass fittings of a diameter Ø16-63 mm.

Purpose of the system:

The system is designed for internal water supply system (hot and cold tap water) and heating (cooling) installations, process heat systems and industrial systems (e.g. compressed air).

The Press connecting technology consists in pressing/clamping a steel ring around a pipe fitted into the connector stub pipe. The stub pipe is provided with an O-ring to ensure that a system is leak-tight and failure-free.

System Advantages:

  • every high working parameters (max working temperature 90°C, permissible emergency/failure temp. 100°C),
  • very small (compared to uniform pipes) thermal expansion of pipes,
  • complete lack of the oxygen diffusion into the water in a system,
  • over 50-years operation durability,
  • universal application of multi-layer pipes (only one kind of pipes for water supply and central heating systems),
  • resistance to hydraulic hammer,
  • very smooth outside surface,
  • resistance to accumulation of limestone,
  • domestic water supply system is physiologically and microbiologically neutral,
  • environment-friendly materials,
  • pipes are easy to lay – multi-layer pipes, once given a shape, retain it,
  • fast and simple assembly (in case of LBP fittings no chamfering of the pipe end and omission of the calibration),
  • low weight of a system,
  • joints can be made in / passed thru construction partitions,

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