KAN-Therm Pipe

The group KAN is an experienced producer and supplier of modern solutions and installation systems KAN-therm recognised in Europe. Since opening its business activity in 1990, KAN has built its position on strong pillars: professionalism, innovativeness, quality and development. Nowadays, it employs more than 1000 people, it has branches in Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Hungary. The products with the label KAN-therm are exported to 68 countries, the distribution chain covers Europe, a significant part of Asia, it also reaches to Africa. KAN-therm is an optimal, complete installation multisystem which comprises the most modern, complementing one another, solutions in the scope of pipe water and heating installations and also the technological ones. It is an excellent realisation of the vision concerning the universal system thanks to the long-term experience and passion of the KAN constructors, rigorous control of raw materials and final products quality and at last the efficient recognition of the installation market needs consistent with the requirements of the balanced building industry.